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     The Southern Tier Orchid Society (STOS) was founded in the 1960s and began to blossom in 1986, when an enthusiastic group of orchid growers arrived to the gorgeous Finger Lakes Region of New York and stimulated the society’s growth.  Presently the club membership includes about 80 people who come from a radius of 70 miles to the monthly meetings in Endicott, NY.  These meetings include either an invited speaker, workshops, or twice a year (April and September) a plant auction, to bring orchids to members and funds to the club.  Most years an American Orchid Society (AOS) judged orchid show is held in the spring.  The club also displays in the CYNOS show in the fall and may do other shows if invited to participate in them.

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Fall Auction Online

Our Fall Online Auction has begun!  We have over 50 plants, including many compact Cattleya hybrids. Here is a great way to get orchids without paying shipping fees. We also have some ceramic pots, potting media, and plant stands.  All items can be picked up in Binghamton, NY.

The auction is open to current members, past members, and friends of members who can vouch for them.  For the link, please email us at

The auction ends on Nov. 20 at 6pm but don't wait!

C. (Lc.) Long John 'Skyrocket' Cattleya

Photo Credit:  Peter M. O'Connell (STOS)

Dave Clemens

One of our past STOS presidents passed away earlier this month. David Clemens and his wife Carol were instrumental in the growth of our club and orchid shows and also served as hosts to some orchid judges in the past years.  Dave was a Lifetime Member of STOS. David and Carol had been close friends to Paula and me and we sadly reflect upon his passing. He will be missed by many.

Luis Matienzo  

For a full obituary visit!/Obituary


STOS Calendar 2020


January 19       Wade Hollenbach - "Orchids to Grow Your Collection On"

February 16     Gregory Griffis - "The Wonders of Orchid Roots"

March 15          Luis Matienzo - "Orchid Show Awards: Ribbons and

                         American Orchid Society (AOS) Judging"

April 19            Spring STOS Orchid Auction (CANCELLED)

​April 25-26       Orchid Show - Roberson Museum (CANCELLED)

May 17             Repotting Clinic (CANCELLED)

June                 Summer Break

July                  Summer Break

August             STOS Member Picnic - (CANCELLED)

September 20  Fall Orchid Auction (CANCELLED)

October 25       Zoom Meeting 

November 15    Zoom Meeting ​

November 15-20 Online Auction

November 20-21 Plant Pickup 

December 20   Gregory Griffis - "Achieving Orchid Excellence"

                        via Zoom

Original discovery site of Phragmipedium Besseae, Moyobamba, Peru

Photo: Luis Matienzo (STOS)

Greg Griffis first became aware of orchids in 2009. He first heard about them through a college friend, who had always admired orchids. Studying at West Chester University, from which he graduated with a degree in Music Education, put him in close proximity to Longwood Gardens. He attended the 2010 Longwood Orchid Show where he purchased his first orchid. 

One plant quickly became twenty or so, and before long he was hooked. In 2010 he visited Parkside Orchid Nursery for the first time, and by Summer 2011 he was working part time for Tom Purviance and John Salventi. He studied under their tutelage while working for them, and when they sold the nursery in 2012, he was hired by the new owners as the Grower and Manager of Parkside Orchid Nursery. He managed Parkside for one year, before leaving to grow orchids in Hawaii.

He worked for Hilo Orchid Farm for more than a year, spending a large amount of time working with Paphiopedilum, as well as Intergeneric Oncidiinae and Miltoniopsis. At the beginning of 2015 Greg began working as the orchid grower at Longwood Gardens. There he grows all of the major genera of orchids, and has been part of cultivating a collection of terrestrial orchids from around the world, as well as many other rare and unusual orchids. 


Greg Griffis


Bassia pumila

PhotoCredit:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

a place on Route 5N, San Martin Department Peru

Photo Credit:  Luis J. Matienzo










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Credit:  Pablo Bermudez, Peruvian Orchid Club

habitat of phrag. kovachi

undisclosed location, San Martin Department Peru

Photo Credit:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

a collection of miniatures on a log in situ near Moyobamba, Peru




     The Southern Tier Orchid Society, STOS, will be holding an AOS-judged orchid show at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, 30 Front Street, Binghamton, NY on April 25-26, 2020.  The show is open to the public from 12-5 each day.  


     The show will feature displays of beautiful and exotic orchids from STOS, the Central New York Orchid Society (CNYOS) and our vendors:


Main Street Orchids (Michael and Sharon Kauffman)

Wade’s Orchids (Wade Hollenback)

Fair Orchids (Kim Feddersen)


     Vendors will have many orchids for sale on both days.  There will also be educational exhibits, activities for children, and a raffle for orchids in bloom.

     We encourage you to visit the museum while you are there.  The orchid show is free, however the museum has admission fees.


     Below are photos of AOS awarded orchid flowers from past STOS shows. Take some time to enjoy this beauty from around the world!




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