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Next Meeting, May 19
Repotting Session

We will have several large orchids that need dividing and members can help with dividing and repotting these. Members can also bring one of two of their own orchids to be repotted and someone will help them as time permits. Please bring media and a few possible pot sizes to repot them in. 

We will do these simultaneously, so there will be a lot going on, like a 3-ring circus. The divided plants will be raffled off. All members get one free raffle ticket.

Our meeting is held at the Vestal United Methodist Church, 328 Main St, Vestal NY.  Come at 1:30 to help set up and socialize, meeting starts at 2 pm. We will wrap up around 4 pm. Refreshments generally show up. This is the last meeting until September. We will talk about a picnic in the summer. We will try to Zoom the first part of this meeting, but not the repotting part. Watch your email for a Zoom link.

Officers and Committee Chairs Positions Available

We have nominations for officers in September and there are other positions available as well. If you would like to learn more about orchids and get to know other members of the club, the best way is to get involved. There are many things you can do to help keep the club going, and without your help the club will just fade away. The more people involved,  the less work there is for any one person.

I have been doing way too much for too long and I plan to step down from most of my positions (see list under Member Info). STOS needs you to step up. You don't need to know anything about orchids to hold a position, you just need some organizational skills; some computer skills help as well. And enthusiasm for orchids and keeping the club alive. We will discuss specifics at the May meeting.

I hope to see many new and old faces there.

--Carol Bayles

Annual Show
show poster2024.jpg

STOS Annual Orchid Show 2024
A Huge Success

STOS (1st Place)-Photo Credit Christine Chin-035 cmp.jpg
STOS Display 1st Place  Photo: Chrintine Chin

The Southern Tier Orchid Society held their AOS-judged orchid show on

April 20-21, 2024

at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, 30 Front Street, Binghamton, NY

The show featured displays of beautiful and exotic orchids from STOS, the Central New York Orchid Society (CNYOS) The Genesee Region Orchid Society (GROS), and our vendors:


Fair Orchids (Kim Fedderson)

J & L Orchids (Ines and Lucas Carreno)

Taida Orchids (Sammy Lai, Amber)

 There were raffles each day, tours, artwork for sale, potting demos on Sunday, information about orchids, including the vanilla orchid, activities such as scavenger hunts, orchid-gami and more. Admission was FREE.

STOS memberships were half-price for new members.

Meet the Artists whose work was for sale:

  • John Carnessali (Syracuse, NY): This photographer combines his passion for orchids with his keen eye to capture their delicate beauty in captivating photos.

  • Christine Chin (Ithaca, NY): An artist and photographer, Christine's love for orchids shines through her work, inspiring all who see it.

  • Raelynn Dieffenbach (Troy, PA): From creating watercolors to mixed media featuring orchids and other botanicals, Raelynn's artistic journey culminates in a stunning display at the STOS show.

  • Charlotte Holden (Lewisboro, NY): This acclaimed illustrator has created botanical works for prestigious institutions like the NY Botanical Garden and the San Francisco Orchid Society. 

 Award Info

List of Awards

There were no AOS awards given at the show.

For more photos:

STOS 2024 Show Photos by Christine Chin


Speaker at our March 17 meeting
Carol Klonowski
“Tolumnias: the True Miniature Orchid "


Tolumnia is a genus formerly known as ‘equitant oncidiums’ up until 1986.  They are true miniature orchids, fully grown at less than 8 inches, and have many different colors and patterns on flowers held high on slender spikes.  The hybridization of this genus has been rapid and today there are many to choose from and should be a part of anyone’s collection.

Carol Klonowski has been growing orchids since the 1980's when a friend in Berkeley, California, gave her a cattleya and it bloomed out with three big, dark lavender flowers and an intoxicating fragrance.  She built an entire greenhouse in her backyard to accommodate the precious plant, which only led her to buy more orchids.  Then another friend gave her a gift membership to the Orchid Society of California and it's been a serious hobby ever since. 

She can recall going to monthly orchid society meetings at the Orchid Society of California. where orchid legends such as the late Frank Fordyce would be available to answer the many questions an eager hobbyist could ask. 
After retirement from her career in Information Technology, Carol has served as Director, Vice President, and President of the Orchid Society of California for the past two decades and is currently a Fully Accredited Judge  with the American Orchid Society, California Sierra Nevada Judging Center.  Her love of travel and speaking programs combine with her orchid passion to allow her to visit, present talks, and judge orchids in shows across the USA and overseas.

Meting will be both In-persn and via zoom. Zoom link will be sent to all members.

 Calendar 2024

 Meetings are in person and we are trying to Zoom them as well. We meet at the Vestal United Methodist Church, 328 Main St, Vestal, NY.

Use the main entrance, which is in the back.

Take the elevator to 2F 'The Belfry.'

The meetings  are 2-4 pm with 'social time' 1:30-2:00.

January 21   Via Zoom.  Speaker: Bill Goldner "Next Generation of Miniature Phragmipediums and other New Lines of Breeding"

Februay 18    In Peson and Zoom.  Speaker   Ron McHatten

                       "Orchid Diseases, Pests, Growth Issues, And                              More” 

March 17   In Peson and Zoom.  Speaker Carol Klonowski

                    "Tolumnias: the True Miniature Orchid"

                   Show Discussion, Spring Online Auction Kickoff

April 14   Extra Meeting to discuss Show planning via Zoom

April 20-21    STOS Orchid Show 

April  26-28  GROS Orchid Show

May 19         General Meeting, Repotting Workshop

June-July-August   Summer Recess

August         Picnic ?

Sept 15       Fall Auction, nominations for officers 

Oct 20        Vote for Officers Speaker TBA

Nov 17       Speaker TBA

Dec 15       Holiday Party, Dish to Pass



Original discovery site of Phragmipedium besseae near Moyobamba, Peru

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

bessie small_edited.jpg
Phragmipedium besseae

Photo by John Zygmunt

For our Members 

Odontoglossum 'Mystic Maze' -- Carol Bayles


Executive Board


Carol Bayles

Vice President

Ruth Allen


Angelina Caoile


Linda Mittel

AOS Representative

Bernice Magee


Colin Dimon

Loi Tran

Gail Gunsalus

 Committee Chairs

Newsletter Editor

Carol Bayles

Web Master

Carol Bayles

Social Media

Loi Tran, Renee DePrato, Jean Mint


Laurel Shaefer

Show Chair

Carol Bayles

Program Coordinator

Jean Mint

Auction Committee

Pete O'Connell

Jane Trey

IT Specialist

Melissa Bennett



Bermudez-CPO 2.jpg

Habitat of Phragmipedium kovachi, undisclosed location,

San Martin Department, Peru

Photo:  Pablo Bermudez, Peruvian Orchid Club

Phrag. Kovachi type.jpg

Phrag. kovachi type

Miltonia compressed.JPG
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