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 Speakers at Our Meetings

In January we had Arthur Katz tell us about 'Rare and Unusual Orchids' from all over the world.  He not only showed us fabulous pictures, but also explained why each one was rare and what made it unusual. 

His talk is on YouTube until February 20 and available to members.  Please email us for a link, STOSorchids@gmail.com.  Not a member? Join below.

At our February 21 meeting we will have Fred Clarke speaking on 'Cycnoches, Mormodes,  Catasetums, recent trends.' Be sure to check out the Orchid Opportunity below.

Telipogon, from Arthur Katz' talk

Fdk. After Dark 'Black Diamond' FCC

Fred Clarke


Fred Clarke has been growing orchids for 42 years and has been hybridizing for 38 of those years. With over 34 years as a professional grower and manager in the horticultural industry, Fred applies these skills at his orchid nursery; Sunset Valley Orchids, located in San Diego, California.

He is a passionate orchid grower whose curiosity in orchids is broad and varied. Although developing Cattleya hybrids has been his sustaining interest, he is also actively creating new Paphiopedilum and Aussie Dendrobium hybrids plus some others to be named if they work out!

His pioneering work in Catasetum intergeneric hybrids led to the development of several notable hybrids, most recently the grex, Fredclarkeara After Dark, which produced “the blackest flower ever witnessed”. This grex has received over 100 awards worldwide with nine FCC’s and thirty AM’s from the AOS judges!

Fred is an Accredited Judge in the Pacific South Judging Region. His plants have received hundreds of quality awards from the American Orchid Society.

rthur Katz has been growing orchids for over 35 years. His orchid interests range from the pleurothalidinae to the phragmepidiums, from the maxillarias to the laelias. In particular, he appreciates the orchids that are unique and unusual.

Arthur is an accredited orchid judge, was Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Judging Center and Chair of the Florida North-Central Center. Since 1994, he has taken groups of orchid enthusiast to Ecuador every year, exploring for orchids in Southeast Ecuador.

Apart from orchids and socializing with orchid folk, he enjoys traveling and photography. Arthur was a clinical psychologist in private practice in his pre-Florida life.

Fred Clarke owns Sunset Valley Orchids in Vista, CA and is offering a special Zoom discount of 20% on top of the normal volume discount, so with a group order you can expect a 25% discount and minimal shipping charges. Check out their website and start planning your order.  Details to follow. This offer is limited to members of STOS.


Orchid Opportunity


 Calendar 2021

January 17     Arthur Katz  'Rare and Unusual Orchids'

February 21   Fred Clarke 'Cycnoches, Mormodes, Catasetums recent trends'

March 21       Carol Klonowski, 'The History of Unifoliate Cattleyas'


April 18         Spring Auction (tentative)

May 16          Potting Clinic (tentative)

Original discovery site of Phragmipedium besseae near Moyobamba, Peru

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

 For our Members 

Along Route 5N, San Martin Department, Peru

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

Bassia pumila

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)


Executive Board


Carol Bayles

Vice President

Gail Gunsalus


Jane Trey


Ben Cabot

AOS Representative

Bernice Magee


Luis Matienzo

Sharon Voorhees

Jean Mint

 Committee Chairs

Newsletter Editor

Carol Bayles

Web Master

Carol Bayles

Social Media

Rich Thomas


Paula Palmer

Show Chair

Carol Bayles

Program Coordinator

Carol Bayles

Auction Committee

Pete O'Connell



Habitat of Phragmipedium kovachi, undisclosed location,

San Martin Department, Peru

Photo:  Pablo Bermudez, Peruvian Orchid Club

Collection of miniatures on a log in situ near Moyobamba, Peru

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

 Annual Show


The Southern Tier Orchid Society, STOS, will be holding an AOS-judged orchid show at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, 30 Front Street, Binghamton, NY on April 25-26, 2020.  The show is open to the public from 12-5 each day.  


The show will feature displays of beautiful and exotic orchids from STOS, the Central New York Orchid Society (CNYOS) and our vendors:

Main Street Orchids (Michael and Sharon Kauffman)

Wade’s Orchids (Wade Hollenback)

Fair Orchids (Kim Feddersen)


 Vendors will have many orchids for sale on both days.  There will also be educational exhibits, activities for children, and a raffle for orchids in bloom.

 We encourage you to visit the museum while you are there.  The orchid show is free, however the museum has admission fees.    


Culture Sheets from AOS

Miltonia compressed.JPG

Contact us at STOSorchids@gmail.com

We meet at the First United Methodist Church, 53 McKinley Ave, Endicott, NY

In Person meetings  CANCELLED until further notice

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