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Speaker at our February 18 meeting
Ron McHatten 
“Orchid Diseases, Pests, Growth Issues, And More”

Ron McHatten started growing orchids in Northern California about 60 years ago at the age of eight with a cattleya purchased from a local grower. This single plant quickly became a collection occupying every window facing east or south and his fascination with orchids has never waned. Over the years his private collection has numbered in excess of 2,500 plants; a direct result of no willpower or common sense. 

Ron’s growing experience spans artificial lights while a graduate student in Iowa, out-of-doors in Southern California as a postdoc at CalTech, a northern greenhouse in upstate New York (where he was one of the founding members of STOS) a temperate greenhouse in Atlanta and a shade house in Central Florida. He even has experience on the mass-market side of the orchid world, as a production manager for a very large wholesale nursery (he calls it the dark side of the Force).

Ron McHatton.png

Ron is responsible for the editorial content and layout of the AOS magazine, Orchids and holds a monthly orchid Q&A webinar (Greenhouse Chat). Prior to joining the AOS staff in 2007, he volunteered for over 25 years. Ron represents the AOS on the Orchid Hybrid Registration Advisory Group, an international group that advises the Royal Horticultural Society on matters of hybrid registration and nomenclature. Ron is an accredited AOS judge (35 years), and he has served on The Orchid Digest’s Board of Directors for many years, including as its President for three consecutive terms.  Ron is a PhD Chemist by training but you might wonder when he had the time to use that training.


Ron will answer your questions about orchid diseases, pests, growth issues, and all things orchid. Get expert advice and tips on how to keep your orchids healthy and thriving. Send photos and  questions to Jean Mint Ron will review the questions and photos and discuss the answers.

Meting will be both In-persn and via zoom. Zoom link will be sent to all members.

 Calendar 2024

 Meetings are in person and we are trying to Zoom them as well. We meet at the Vestal United Methodist Church, 328 Main St, Vestal, NY.

Use the main entrance, which is in the back.

Take the elevator to 2F 'The Belfry.'

The meetings  are 2-4 pm with 'social time' 1:30-2:00.

January 21   Via Zoom.  Speaker: Bill Goldner "Next Generation of Miniature Phragmipediums and other New Lines of Breeding"

Februay 18    In Peson and Zoom.  Speaker   Ron McHatten

                       "Orchid Diseases, Pests, Growth Issues, And More”

March 17   General Meeting, Show Discussion, Spring Online                                      Auction Kickoff

April 14   Extra Meeting to discuss Show planning 

April 20-21    STOS Orchid Show 

April  27-28  GROS Orchid Show

May 19         General Meeting, Repotting Workshop

June-July-August   Summer Recess

August         Picnic ?

Sept 15       Fall Auction, nominations for officers 

Oct 20        Vote for Officers Speaker TBA

Nov 17       Speaker TBA

Dec 15       Holiday Party, Dish to Pass



Original discovery site of Phragmipedium besseae near Moyobamba, Peru

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)


Photo by John Zygmunt

For our Members 

Phragmipedium Besseae.jpg

Phragmipedium besseae  -- Carol Bayles


Executive Board


Carol Bayles

Vice President

Ruth Allen


Angelina Caoile


Linda Mittel

AOS Representative

Bernice Magee


Colin Dimon

Loi Tran

Gail Gunsalus

 Committee Chairs

Newsletter Editor

Carol Bayles

Web Master

Carol Bayles

Social Media

Loi Tran, Renee DePrato, Jean Mint


Laurel Shaefer

Show Chair

Carol Bayles

Program Coordinator

Jean Mint

Auction Committee

Pete O'Connell

Jane Trey

IT Specialist

Melissa Bennett



Bermudez-CPO 2.jpg

Habitat of Phragmipedium kovachi, undisclosed location,

San Martin Department, Peru

Photo:  Pablo Bermudez, Peruvian Orchid Club


Collection of miniatures on a log in situ near Moyobamba, Peru

Photo:  Luis J. Matienzo (STOS)

Annual Show
STOS 2023 Show Flyer compressed.jpg

"Orchids at the Museum"

Annual  Orchid Show 2024

*Coming Soon*

The Southern Tier Orchid Society will hold their AOS-judged orchid show:

Sat - Sun April 20-21, 2024.

Roberson Museum and Science Center, 30 Front Street, Binghamton, NY

The show featured displays of beautiful and exotic orchids from STOS, the Central New York Orchid Society (CNYOS) The Genesee Region Orchid Society (GROS), and our vendors:


Fair Orchids (Kim Fedderson)

J & L Orchids (Ines and Lucas Carreno)

All Results

List of Classifications


STOS had 2 exhibits at the show, tying for 3rd place in the Society Exhibit category

AOS Awards at our 2023 Show

Geof 04-23-6.jpg

Meiracyllium trinasutum var. album 'Ghost Gail' CHM/AOS (83pts.) Gail Gunsalus (STOS)

Geof 04-23-12.jpg

Papiopedilum Vexillarium 'Fair Orchids' AM/AOS (83pts) Kim Fedderson 2023

Miltonia compressed.JPG
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