What STOS Offers You


 At our monthly meetings, held from September through May, we have scheduled guest speakers or activities that will enhance your knowledge and improve your experience with raising orchids.

Three or four times a year we bring in an outside speaker, who gives an informative talk and often brings orchids to sell.

Meetings include a raffle of orchid items brought by members as well as snacks and refreshments.


Everyone is encouraged to bring their orchid(s) for a “show table” at each meeting.  Sharing ideas for successful caring and blooming of orchids always benefits members of our society.

We have an annual repotting workshop with live demonstration, usually in May.

Twice a year we hold an auction of exotic orchids of a wide variety of types, colors, and species.

In spring we often host an AOS-judged show with displays and vendors.

We have a picnic in August and a party at Christmas with attending members receiving a free orchid .

We have an extensive library of books that are available for loan.  A complete list is available on this website.  This includes issues of the AOS ORCHIDS magazine that contains interesting articles about orchids and exceptional, close up photographs of orchids.

This website offers culture sheets on various orchids as well as links to other sites to provide more information about the world of orchids.

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